SPARC BC is excited to announce the opening of our video library. Our talented staff are creating short videos on how to use our services, accessibility and inclusion work in our communities, and more. Stay tuned!

urban pedestrian accesssibility

SPARC BC has been working with the Walkers Caucus group to understand the various challenges faced by pedestrians. Here is a short video called “Urban Pedestrian Accessibility” that explains the challenges that people living with disabilities face, at a few of the pedestrian crossings. 

Apart from curb ramps, other amenities like the location and height of the Pedestrian push button, audible and visual signal at a crosswalk, consistency in time for the crosswalk, etc. have also been taken into consideration throughout this video. This is a concern that affects all cities and most importantly, those with an aging population. In this video, the City of New Westminster has been taken for reference since the participants are aware of the locations where they face problems with Curb ramps, at various intersections.

Accessible or Not

Finding adequate, designated accessible parking spaces, remains an ongoing challenge for people living with disabilities. We know the difference that we can make together when we Say Yes to Access!

SPARC BC and Langley PosAbilities collaborated on this exciting video project called ACCESSIBLE OR NOT. We were proud to work with participants from many organizations who shared their experience and expertise. Nothing About Us Without Us!

Renewing Your Permit

Due to rising cases of the Omicron variant, we are taking some measures to keep you and our staff safe. As of now, we will NOT be allowing Walk-ins to the SPARC BC office. However, you can safely drop off the filled and signed permit application in the confidential Drop Box at the front door. You can also email your filled and signed parking permit application at

The permit application process remains the same. Once you provide us with a filled and doctor signed permit application form along with the permit processing fee of 26$ (Cash, cheque, money order, or credit card information), we will process your application and mail your permit to you. We will process your application within 1 to 2 business days.

For Permit Renewal, you can call us at 604-718-7744, or you can do it yourself at . We are here to serve you.

Access Awareness Day

Access Awareness Day 2021 was SPARC BC’s 24th annual celebration to promote accessibility and inclusion. It’s a day for communities to come together to celebrate what it means to be truly accessible and inclusive.

 By working together, it is possible to create communities where everyone can share their talents and abilities in meaningful ways. We know the difference we can make together when we “Say Yes to Access.”


SPARC BC has been working with the City of Vancouver to test five different accessible parking standards, at a physical location. 

Participants from various disability organizations spent a day helping us to test and evaluate the different standards, in a range of modified vehicles. After an analysis of user responses, the City of Vancouver arrived at a few conclusions that were presented at the next council meeting.