Mission and Values

Established in 1966, SPARC BC’s mission is to work with communities to build a more just and healthy society for all.

Our mission and values are guided by the desire for a “just and healthy” society based on five following key principles.


The recognition that some individuals or groups require more or less than others to flourish, and that some individuals or groups are capable of contributing more to address deficiencies and promote fairness of distribution.

Social Inclusion

The recognition that both the rights and the opportunity to participate in and enjoy all aspects of human life enables individuals and communities to celebrate their diversity, and recognize and act on their responsibilities.


The recognition that individuals and communities flourish when they have confidence in their surroundings as safe, supportive and stable environments.


The recognition that sustainability requires resilience for both individuals and communities, and the ability to respond creatively to change.


The recognition that increasing equality within society builds social cohesion, improves health, increases safety and security, and contributes to sustainable and vibrant communities.

Our work is founded on the following values

Social Justice

We strive for a just and healthy society in which social, economic, and environmental well-being are interdependent, through advocating for equality, fairness and dignity for all.


We are committed to achieving access and the full participation and engagement of all in our diverse society by fostering communication, leadership, partnership, and collaboration.


We are independent, accountable, transparent and non-partisan.


We seek, develop and share knowledge and understanding which encourages citizen participation and informs innovative, effective planning and decision-making.