Research, Planning and Consulting Services

SPARC BC provides Research, Planning and Consulting services to all levels of government (federal, provincial, regional, local and First Nations), as well as works in partnership with academic institutions, community-based agencies and service providers.

Our extensive knowledge of social policy, program evaluation, local and regional planning, combined with our expertise in applied qualitative and quantitative research, ensures the processes and products we co-create with our clients meet the highest standards and help to advance meaningful solutions to difficult social policy issues for people and communities.

These services are delivered by a passionate team of multi-disciplinary team of researchers with expertise in urban planning, education, health, social work, public policy, program evaluation and applied science.  Our team excels at bringing people together to create innovative solutions based on community strengths.

How can we help your organization or community?

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Working Together

More than 3,000 individuals and over 100 different organizations have participated or partnered in our research.