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Community Social Services Sector Knowledge Hub

SPARC BC is excited to announce the launch of a new knowledge hub for the sector focused on: 1) volunteerism in BC 2) the linkages between post-secondary training and the sector, 3) the role of lived/living experience in peer support, and 4) system perspectives and impacts. 

When you visit the Hub, you will find:

  • 16 community-based and Indigenous-led research publications
  • 5 SPARC BC research publications
  • SPARC BC’s longitudinal survey findings on British Columbians’ social development needs, volunteerism, and social service engagement
  • An interactive online map of the community social services sector in BC, including information on 75% of all non-profits in the province (over 23,000 organizations), socioeconomic data from the 2021 Census, data from SPARC BC’s longitudinal survey, and other relevant data sources

Please visit often, as more research and knowledge products are added frequently!

Launching the Local Community Accessibility Grant

This initiative provides one-time funding for local governments, of up to $25,000, to remove barriers for persons with disabilities.

Our Values

Social Justice: We strive for a just and healthy society.

Inclusion: We are committed to achieving full engagement for all citizens.

Integrity: We are independent, accountable, transparent and non-partisan.

Learning: We seek, develop and share knowledge to inform decision-making.

What We Do

These values guide our work in five, interconnected areas of focus. Please visit the pages below to learn more about our work with communities.

Parking Permit Program

Over 55,000 people depend on us each year for their permits to use designated disability parking spaces

Social Policy RESEARCH

Effective social planning depends on evidence based decision-making. We specialize in comprehensive data collection, analysis and presentation.

Accessibility and inclusion

We promote accessible and inclusive communities by conducting research, leading public education campaigns, partnering with community groups.

Who We Work With

Through these five focus areas, we’re committed to supporting Indigenous people, community organizations, seniors, people with disabilities and all levels of government, including First Nations.

How We Do It

We start at the beginning. We gather comprehensive data about BC communities and use it to identify needs and gaps in the social safety net. Working with local governments and communities, we create plans to meet those needs and effect genuine change.

Graphic drawing of flow chart. 1) Gather community data 2) Fundraise 3)Help communities to create plans 3) Assist with community development 5) Build partnerships and share skills 6) Gather more data from projects and partnerships

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