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B.C. Seniors’ Poverty Report Card

British Columbia is experiencing a rapid ageing of our population. Based on BC Stats Population Projections, the number of seniors (65+ years old) in British Columbia is expected to double between 2015 and 2041.

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2017 Child Poverty Report Card

Working in partnership with First Call, we produced the 2017 Child Poverty Report Card. The Report Card shows that BC continues to struggle with high levels of child poverty, with 1 in 5 children under the age of 17 in BC living below the poverty line.

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BC Families Demographic Infographics

BC Families Infographic Series

The BC Council for Families has partnered with SPARC BC to produce a series of infographics about family demographics in regional districts across BC...

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The Invisible Senior

Through personal stories, West End seniors shed light on many issues facing older renters in the West End. Produced by West End Seniors Network (WESN) and SPARC BC in collaboration with local seniors, Gordon Neighbourhood House and the West End Seniors’ Community Planning Table.


Metro Vancouver's Debtscape, July 2016

Metro Vancouver's Debtscape

This report maps the changing ratios of income, debt and assets over the time period between 2007 and 2012 – at the neighbourhood level.

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This just confirms what we are seeing in our neighbourhood. @SPARCBC @UWLM Check out the latest story from @uwlm. - https://t.co/UqjKBoYzjp

Sts'ailes marks 10 years of keeping apprehended children in community

BC single seniors more than three times as likely to be poor than seniors in couple families https://t.co/vBl06mKE9f

“This is a call to action,” Kahir Lalji @UWLM said about the BC Seniors Poverty Report Card. It is "an invitation for people to give up their time, their resources to create a city that we can all call home, regardless of our age bracket.” https://t.co/QTQWrmE7H5 @SPARCBC

Minister Simpson responds to Seniors’ Poverty Report Card https://t.co/fsadMZLjvp

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