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Measuring Up

In June 2010, the education and outreach component of the 2010 Legacies Now -Measuring Up program was transferred to SPARC BC. In accepting responsibility for this program, our goal is to work with communities across BC to share “best practices” and to build on the work that has been put into place through 2010 Legacies Now. We have established a Measuring Up Coordinator position within our organization to help communities identify ways to strengthen and enhance accessibility and inclusion in their communities.

The long-term goals of the 2010 Legacies Now Measuring Up Program included:

  • Fostering opportunities for the active engagement, participation and contribution of people with disabilities in their communities;
  • Demonstrating the social and economic benefits that can be achieved by enabling communities to become more accessible and inclusive;
  • Encouraging all BC communities to adopt measures which will be more accessible and inclusive for all; and,
  • Supporting the creation of municipal planning and community processes and employment practices. Service delivery models, and social, recreational and economic opportunities which reflect the principles of accessibility and inclusion.

Recognizing all the great work done in the previous phase of the Measuring Up Program in communities across British Columbia, SPARC BC is working hard to build on our past experience and established relationships to advance the goals of accessibility and inclusion. We are interested in hearing your ideas about how we can work together to achieve these goals.

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Our accessibility team at SPARC BC is looking forward to hearing from you about your ideas for addressing accessibility needs in your community to make our world a bit better for all.


If you have questions or need further information, please contact:

Lorraine Copas
Phone: 604-718-7736