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11 Article - Exploring pathways and forms of social change
Scott Graham, Spring 2007
In our efforts to tackle social issues, we often focus on one thing: results. We can improve our efforts, however, argues Scott Graham, by taking some time to understand some of the theories of change inherent in our work.
2168 65.24
12 Article - Beyond Partnerships - Effective Collaboration in the Community
Summer/Fall 2007
What is the next step after community partnerships have been established? Comprehensive Community Initiatives, writes SPARC BC, can help coordinate action.
1922 89.53
13 Article - The Role of Storefront Businesses and Agencies in Promoting Social Inclusion
Lindsay Marsh, Summer/Fall 2007
A training program is helping businesses understand what they can do to promote and foster social inclusion.
1707 372.17
14 Article - Staying Ahead in the Change Game
Kathy Bedard, Summer/Fall 2007
Changes in policy, from global to local contexts, continuously demand that organizations and communities adapt. Kathy Bedard tells a story of how Prince Rupert and Hecate Strait Employment Development Society managed in a changing environment.
1665 977.41
15 Article - Making Space for Women in Cities
Ellen Woodsworth, Winter, 2005
Urban space needs to be designed by the people who use it. Women's interests should be reflected in the decisions that shape our cities.
4476 66.22
16 Article - Lessons learned from CDE
Danyta Welch, Winter, 2006
This article draws from the research Danyta Welch’s Masters thesis, Lesson Learned in Capacity Building: A Review of the Community Development Education Projects of the Social Planning and Research Council of BC, prepared for the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia.
1887 46.69
17 Article - Grandvew U uqinak uuh community schoolyard
Zoe Welch, Summer, 2005
The community garden at Grandview U’uqinak’uuh schoolyard is a model of
small-scale community development. Zoe Welch shares the story of the
schoolyard and its significance to the Grandview community.
2458 61.83
18 Article - Pleading for Time
Jim Sands, Spring 2007
The development of theories about the rise and fall of civilizations. Harold Innis' words resonate as we face a growing crisis of sustainability. Are We Dangerously Out of Touch with the Past and Future?
1728 69.74
19 Article - Managing Conflict in Community Development
Winter 2007
Here are half a dozen suggestions for dealing with conflict in community development.
1280 67.22
20 Article - Rethinking Development
Jim Sands, Winter 2006
The concept of Gross National Happiness, an alternative philosophy of development, reports Jim Sands, continues to gain popularity and change the way people think about development and the goals of our society.
1080 65.03

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